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Bespoke Blends

Chemcolloids has drawn upon its vast experience to provide a range of bespoke blended products for use in food manufacturing and Industry.

By utilising our core products and exploiting the synergies within these ranges, we can produce bespoke blends with enhanced viscosifying or stabilising properties, or blends which provide gel characteristics such as specific elasticity and defined gel strength.

Chemcolloids have developed bespoke blends for Industries such as drilling, hydroseeding and slurry explosives in order to maximise optimum performance in their end use. 

Some of our blending expertise can be found in our Natracol and Fairgel ranges both of which are suitable for various food and non food applications and all of which were introduced to resolve specific needs. These blends proved to be so popular that they are now an integral part of our product range. 

We have an extensive catalogue of blended products for many end uses. Please contact us and let our technical expertise and industry knowledge help provide you with an off the shelf blended product or an individually formulated blend to enhance your end product.